Seahawks at Titans, membership renewal and other important club announcements
Seahawks vs Titans, membership renewal, and other important announcements

First, two announcements:

1) Ticket giveaway

Earlier this week, on our Facebook and Twitter page, we announced that the Seahawks front office has offered up four free tickets to next week's game against the Colts. Visit the link and share in 12 words why you'd like to attend the game.

2) Membership

We're transitioning to a new service to send out our weekly newsletters and other announcements. If you're getting this email, you're already on in. In the coming weeks, we're going to be reaching out so we can try and get membership cards out now that we've had so many offer to volunteer to help.


I'm going to skip over my usual focus on the previous week and preview of the upcoming game this week, because I think it's important to address a big topic from the past couple days.

The NFL was prominently in the news this week after President Trump made comments about the anthem demonstrations during a rally in Alabama. The comments prompted responses from the NFL commissioner as well as many of the team owners, players and coaches. If you're interested in the issue from a Seahawks perspective, Field Gulls has detailed the initial comment from the President and subsequent responses from the organization and individual players.

I respect our members views and understand some of you have decided not to support the team as long as the anthem demonstrations continue. I hate to see so many who feel personally disrespected, especially when I hear Michael Bennett, whose father served in the Navy, express his love for the military.

A few folks have reached out to suggest that it would be important to respond as a group and send a message to the team. In our diverse group of nearly 2,000 members, I can't even begin to think of how to craft a message that everyone would stand behind. Instead, I will facilitate the delivery of any comments you'd like to send to the team. You can send them in through the form on our website and I will deliver them.

I have heard from many of our members who never wavered in their support the team. West Point graduate and local Tacoma News Tribune writer Gregg Bell wrote about that support in an article last month, and a couple of you were featured in that story.

Our organization exists for service members who want to support the Seattle Seahawks and for those who want to follow the ongoing support efforts in the area. I love the fact that even when we have differing views on any issue, the common thing we all share is our affinity for Seahawks football.

There are so many great things going on, I look forward to continue to compile and do what I can here from Montana, to focus on and share the positive things going on with the team and how the Seahawks support those who wear the uniform now as well as those who have served.

Some of those things from just this past week (it's going to be a long newsletter): JBLM’s 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) formally accepted the honor as the Seahawks military partner for this year, the director of Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs was named the local recipient of the NFL Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award, and we got to see a reenlistment and even a marriage proposal on the sideline before the 49ers game last Sunday.

Hope you have time to check it all out and I'll be back to my usual recap and preview email next week.



Where to watch Seahawks vs Titans

For those overseas, this week the Seahawks vs Titans game is set to air on AFN Sports at 1300 PT, 2000 GMT and 0030 in Afghanistan. At sea, the game will be on DTS Sports at the same time.

For those stateside, if you're in the purple areas come game time, Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis will be calling the game between the Seahawks and Titans.


Seahawks vs 49ers photo gallery

A marriage proposal, reenlistment of a Navy Senior Chief, and a visit from owner Paul Allen were highlights from the sidelines at the game against the 49ers last weekend.


1st Special Forces Group Accepts “Big Honor” From Seahawks During USAA "Change of Command”


Shaquill Griffin stood alongside several of his Seahawks teammates and stared at a long list of characters etched in white on a polished black granite wall. Each name included on the memorial in front of him at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country, either in combat, training, or accidents. 

“You see stuff like that, it makes you appreciate those guys even more,” Griffin said.

The 2017 third-round pick was on site at the Puget Sound-area base this week with other members of Seattle's rookie class for the team’s annual "Change of Command” ceremony. Prior to JBLM’s 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) formally accepting the honor as the team’s military partner for this year, Griffin and fellow first-year players were shown around camp by Colonel Will Beaurpere, Commander, who made the memorial wall the players’ first stop.


Seahawks Announce Recipient of Local Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award


The Seattle Seahawks announced this week that Lourdes E. Alvarado-Ramos (Alfie), the director of Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA), has been named the local recipient of the NFL Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award. This award recognizes the contributions of Hispanic leaders in each NFL market. 

In 2013, Lourdes E. Alvarado-Ramos was appointed by Governor Jay Inslee to serve as the director of Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA), the first woman to hold the post.  The WDVA serves as an advocate for Washington State's military veterans and their families. 


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The Seattle Seahawks have eight straight wins in their home opener in the Pete Carroll era, eight straight wins over the 49ers, and we've enduring eight straight quarters of football that has been difficult to watch in terms of the offense. While the issue seemed clear last week, it seems as though there's more to be concerned about after the latest win.

But are we as down on the team this week if two players don't drop touchdown catches? Would we be as concerned if Carlos Hyde didn't break two big runs on the defense? Adam and Brandan sort through where some of the real concerns are and if this is just something that's normal for the start of a Seahawks season.