Seahawks are back on the road in Arizona
Seahawks are back on the road in Arizona

The Seahawks picked up their first win of the season with a 24-13 victory over the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday. Russell Wilson had two touchdowns including a 52-yard pass to Tyler Lockett near the end of the first half to put the team up 14-3. Chris Carson also had a big day racking up 102 yards and a touchdown on 32 carries. 

After talking about the importance of needing to improve the run game after the 2017 season, this looked like the type of performance Pete Carroll and the coaching staff would like to see more of this season. The defense was held Ezekiel Elliott in check for most of the day the the defensive line put a lot of pressure Dak Prescott. 

After hearing all offseason about how the Cowboys should trade for Earl Thomas, he made them pay for showing little interest. He made a shoestring catch early on in the game and had a second INT late in the game to help seal the victory. He even went as far to take a bow toward the Dallas sideline.

Next up are the Arizona Cardinals as the Seahawks get their 3rd road game in four weeks. They're 0-3 in the division, but nearly took down the Chicago Bears last week. They pulled Sam Bradford at the end of the game and the rookie Josh Rosen wasn't able to mount a comeback. Now they're going to give Rosen his first start against the Seahawks this week.

Hopefully there will be many Seahawks fans in attendance down in Arizona. Chicago Bears fans certainly made it look like it was easy to get good seats for the game. SeatGeek has seats in the lower bowl under $100 and under $50 to get in the door if you're in the area.


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Watch the game live on FOX

If you're in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska or Arizona those are just about the only spots who will get to see this week's Seahawks game against the Cardinals. It's not scheduled to air on either AFN or DTS this week. 


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Lots of photos to share from the last game as HM3 Evelyn M Williams, of BMC MCRD San Diego re-enlisted for four more years. Washington National Guard pilots conducted the Dual Blackhawk Flyover before kickoff and MSgt Barbra Mann joined her son and husband by surprising them on the field during the two-minute warning.

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There are a few tickets left for the Chiefs (Dec. 23) and Cardinals (Dec. 30). If you're interested in tickets, reply to the email and let me know how many you want and for which game.


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